Unlimited API Access to the UK electoral roll.


Person search


Millions of records of UK citizens, sourced directly from Government sources.

Search by name, area, or phone number, via a XML based API. Compatible with .NET, PHP and Java.

This is ideal for use with marketing campaigns, debtor searches, or demographic research.

Simple pricing.

For £17.99 per month we offer unlimited automated API access to the UK Electoral roll. No contracts, cancel anytime.

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Want to get started?.

Subsribe via paypal for £17.99 per month, and we'll set you up with an account, with unlimited access.

If you'd like to review our documentation first, then you can download our PDF here. You can download a sample of the data as a CSV here

Millions of UK citizen records are a few seconds away.

Fine tune that marketing campaign.
Find that person.
Get those statistics.

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